bauMax application tips

Before applying for a job at bauMax, in order to be as well prepared as possible, you should obtain information about our company, mission statement, locations and, above all, our job profiles.
The best possible application documents are the key to a successful interview.

Which factors should be taken into account in your application documents?

Professional qualities
Please ensure that your application documents are prepared in a professional manner – they are your visiting card!
Any spelling or grammatical errors, contradictory statements, an incorrect contact person or the name of a competing company do not make a good impression!

Personal qualities
Your application should highlight your personal qualities. What could you contribute to bauMax? Which special abilities would give you an advantage? Remember that the personnel manager will have to read large quantities of applications - for this reason you should state at the very beginning which position interests you.
The golden rule is the layout should be appropriate for bauMax and the relevant position.

Covering letter and CV – how should you prepare these appropriately?

Covering letter

Your written application makes that all-important first impression. Please indicate the relevant position, job title or reference number, if applicable, in the heading to your letter. Please send your letter to the relevant contact person.

In your application letter, you should answer the following questions for bauMax:

  • What is my starting point, what are my aims?
  • Why am I interested in the company/position?
  • Which professional and personal qualifications do I have?
  • Why should the company choose me of all people?

The covering letter is usually divided into three parts: the introduction, main section and conclusion.

The CV
You should adhere to a chronological, clearly structured account of your training and professional experience in order to provide a clear overview. It is equally vital that you attach an appropriate application photo.

Checklist – Which information/facts should be included in your CV?

  • Personal information
  • Name, full address (including e-mail address)
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Nationality
  • Training
  • Education
  • Higher education
  • Professional experience
  • Work placements/professional experience
  • Work experience abroad
  • Language and ICT skills
  • Military service
  • Additional qualifications
  • Further training
  • Social commitment
  • Other interests